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TB oK Consulting is the first step towards having your questions answered. We are a resource. Trust us, we have most likely been there. We have all been there at some point and our approach to answering questions come from a place of genuine care and humility. When you see “We” it is due to a collective team concept and effort. If Tamika cannot help you, she will certainly guide you to the right person or entity that will be able to assist you. This is something she is confident in. Over the years we have built a small network of resources that are reliable, trustworthy, and more importantly just like you and I. TB oK utilizes the “It takes a village” approach to understanding and solving your most basic or intricate needs.

So, are you still wondering “Why us”? Set up a free consultation and let us get to know your lifestyle and how we may improve it. You will be oK . . .

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Tamika Bruce

Tamika Bruce is the CEO of TBoK Consulting. Her experience in marketing and the beauty
industry along with her background and life experiences have enabled her to set forth on this journey of helping people find the resources they need. Anything from travel, fashion, parenting, diet, investments, and marketing. Tamika is driven by her passion to help. More than anything, paying it forward it what she lives by. She considers herself a ‘forever student’, eager to keep learning and sharing her knowledge to help others ‘level up’. Tamika’s marketing/sales skill set coupled with her experience in fashion and beauty have given her the gift of attention to detail with a keen sense of what works for each individual. Her approach to life is simplistic and down to earth. Staying current and relatable has allowed Tamika to navigate successfully across the board.


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